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Podcast: The Risk and Mystery of Worship

In this All Saints podcast, Connie and Brock talk with Brad Kilman, the worship pastor at Our Lord’s Community Church. Brad has been leading worship for more than 20 years, ever since he encountered God as a teenager. In the conversation together, we explore the risk and mystery of worship — and talk about what Brad would say to a roomful of young worship leaders.

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Podcast: What is (Christian) Spirituality? Part 2

As we saw in our previous podcast, Christian spirituality is quite different from a vague, generic spirituality. When we talk about spirituality, we mean “life in the Holy Spirit.” In this All Saints conversation, we’re going to learn about spirituality from two people from our Christian heritage: Jeanne Guyon and John Cassian. Though from different countries and different eras, they both have something to teach us about a life lived with the Holy Spirit.

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