Podcast: What is (Christian) Spirituality?


Spirituality can be a fuzzy word — it’s used in all manner of ways in our culture today. But when we talk about spirituality in All Saints, we’re going to the heart of the term: the practices and experience of Christian life with the Holy Spirit.

What’s more, Christian Spirituality is inherently Trinitarian. It is life with and of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This means that if we’re doing some kind of spiritual practices that aren’t about engaging with Father, Son, and Spirit, we may be moving away from Christian spirituality.

At All Saints, we want to look at Christian Spirituality in the Scriptures and then trace that thread throughout church history as we look at those who have gone before us. The goal is to learn from them what life in the Holy Spirit has looked like so that our own lives in the Spirit can become deeper and richer.


“While sometimes theology and the practice of spirituality are separated, for the early church and in the scriptures, reflection on God (theology) and life in the Holy Spirit (spirituality) are always united.” 

—Brock Bingaman

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