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What is All Saints?

All Saints is a training center that offers accessible, substantive courses in theology, spirituality, and leadership.


 How is All Saints related to Our Lord’s Community Church?

All Saints is housed in Our Lord’s Community Church, and Dr. Bingaman is also a pastor in the church. However, All Saints students come from churches of various denominations and traditions, across Oklahoma City and elsewhere. Our desire is that students benefit from All Saints training while staying connected to their own local church communities.


 Who are the courses for?

The center is named “All Saints” because the courses are designed to equip all the saints, as Ephesians 4:12 directs. All Saints students might be in their 20s or 60s, might be women or men, might be lay people or might be working in ministry or on a church staff. What they share in common is a desire to invest in thoughtful discussion and study, and a desire to do move toward a life lived in communion with God. 


What will I get out of the courses?

You will gain depth of knowledge, relationships with those in your courses and cohorts, sustainable practices for engaging with God. And…though we cannot guarantee this, our sincere desire is that you will experience God’s presence and encounter the Holy Spirit personally during your time with All Saints.


Are there any prerequisites or requirements to be accepted for classes?

No, there are no prerequisites—just a desire to learn.


When and where do classes meet?

Classes will meet on Monday evenings from 6:00-8:30 p.m., at Our Lord’s Community Church, 11400 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK  73120.


What is the difference between doing the certificate and taking individual courses?

While you can take individual courses, we would encourage you to go for the certificate!  Certificate students invest more—and receive more. To aid with this additional investment, the tuition for certificate students includes their book package for the year. Of course, students taking one course at a time can also join in requirements, and we’d encourage them to do so.


What will the workload be like?

Classes will meet once per week for 2.5 hours. The level of work you’ll do outside of class depends on the level of personal investment you choose.

 • All students will be asked to complete readings and practical exercises.

 • Certificate students will also be required to complete a practicum and turn in reflection papers for each course.

 • Certificate+ (Plus) students invest at the highest level, and will complete more challenging readings and assignments equivalent to those of a Master’s-level seminary course.  


I have not taken this kind of course since college! What if I am not sure I can handle the studies?

All Saints courses may stretch you. You will be challenged to think, read, discuss, and participate. But the courses are not for ivory-tower thinkers or theology geeks. The curriculum is designed to make sure that ordinary people in the midst of everyday life can benefit from the material. There is no pass or fail; if you commit to being a learner, we'll commit to doing our best to help you learn.


What if I'm not able to take the courses? Are there other ways to invest?

Yes, there are!

  • Listen to our podcast, where we explore all things related to theology, spirituality, and leadership.

  • Join our mailing list (scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page). We'll let you know of upcoming events and workshops.

  • Invest financially, by giving a scholarship to help another student take an All Saints course. You can send donations to the address at the bottom of the page, or contact us for more information.