Resources: Christian Spirituality


 Christian Spirituality is, in basic terms, life in the Holy Spirit (as Paul details in Romans 8). In our course, we explore 12 classics texts by Christians from Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions. The following resources provide core readings as well as additional content.

Books & Readings

McGrath, Alister E. Christian Spirituality: An Introduction. Malden, Maine: Blackwell Publishing, 1999.

Tyson, John R. Invitation to Christian Spirituality. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.

McGinn, Bernard. The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism. New York: Random House, 2006.


The following links will give more information on the people and classics we are studying.

Week 1: Origen. An introduction to Origen, by Morwenna Ludlow.

Week 2: Gregory of Nyssa. An overview of Gregory and his work, The Life of Moses.

Week 3: Augustine of Hippo. Documentary.

Week 5: Maximus the Confessor.

Class reading from the Philokalia, Volume 2

All Saints Podcast on the Philokalia

Week 8: Bonaventure

Video: Bonaventure by Lydia Schumacher