Podcast: "There Must Be More . . ." — Musings on Scripture


When you open your Bible, we’d love to have you ask, “I wonder if there’s more than I’ve been getting from my normal reading.” Because there always is. In this podcast, Brock and Connie talk about some of the discoveries and questions that have been arising from the Biblical Studies course. The first is about application.

 What about Application?

A typical approach we often use in Bible study is that we move through the steps of observation, interpretation, and application. Yet we’re halfway through the Biblical Studies course and haven’t been focusing on application. Even so, God is applying Scripture to our lives. In fact, there’s not a better applier of Scripture than Christ himself.

 Exegesis or Encounter?

Another question we’ve raised is whether we’re going to take the evangelical, exegetical approach to Scripture or whether we’ll look at Scripture as something that provides encounter with God. The answer is . . . both. They are not mutually exclusive. That’s why some students are reading both How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth and also reading about Scripture from an Eastern Orthodox perspective. That perspective talks about the intent of Scripture as being to “mediate a transformative experience with the Holy Trinity.”  


“…the Philokalia underscores the intent of Scripture: to mediate a transformative experience with the Holy Trinity. As we saw in Maximos, reading Scripture is meant to bring one into the presence of Christ. The written word, Maximos says, is intended to draw the believer into an encounter with the living Word.”

—Brock Bingaman, in What Is the Bible?

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