Podcast: Inviting Pentecost

ASpodcast_Inviting Pentecost_GiselleBauchePentecost.png

Because the celebration of Pentecost is coming soon,* we wanted to take space to invite God to bring “Pentecost” into our lives.  When we pay attention to special days like Pentecost, not only do we remind ourselves of what God has done in sending His Spirit, we remind ourselves that the Spirit’s coming on Pentecost is not merely history, it is a practical and present reality in our daily lives.

You can invite the presence, influence, and works of the Holy Spirit into your sphere, whether you’re a teacher, a stay-at-home mom or dad, a lawyer, a landscaper. And . . . if you’re going to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you better get ready, because the Holy Spirit is going to take you on mission — with Jesus.

* Sunday, May 20, in 2018


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