Podcast: Encountering God in Scripture & Praying Scripture


The Bible isn’t merely a textbook to be studied or a useful life manual full of wise principles. Scripture is a sacrament — a conduit through which the presence of God comes to us, through which we encounter God. The point is not to read words and master them, but actually to encounter the one who gives us these Words. 

A life-giving way to encounter God in Scripture is to pray a phrase or passage back to Him, and in this episode we’ll show you what that sounds like. This doesn’t mean every time we open the Bible we will have an Encounter — it’s often barren and mundane and routine. But even then, God is mysteriously working.


“As we read the Bible, we are all the time gathering information, wrestling with the sense of obscure sentences, comparing and analyzing. But this is secondary. The real purpose of Bible study is much more than this—to feed our love for Christ, to kindle our hearts into prayer, and to provide us with guidance in our personal life. The study of words should give place to an immediate dialogue with the living Word himself. ‘Whenever you read the Gospel’, says St Tikhon of Zadonsk, ‘Christ himself is speaking to you. And while you read, you are praying and talking with him’.” — Bishop Kalistos Ware, The Orthodox Way

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